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Articulos en revista



  • Núñez-Andrés, M.A.; Lantada, N.; Martínez-Llario, J.. Spatial data infrastructure (SDI) for inventory rockfalls with
    fragmentation information. Natural hazards. DOI:
  • Gili, J.; Ruiz-Carulla, R.; Matas, G.; Duran, J.; Prades, A.; Corominas, J.; Núñez-Andrés, M.A.; Buill, F.; Puig-Polo,
    C.; Martinez-Bofill, J.; Saló, L.; Mavrouli, O. Rockfalls: analysis of the block fragmentation through field
    experiments. Landslides., DOI:
  • Aguilar, A.; Pujades, L.G.; Barbat, A. H.; Monterrubio, M.; de la Puente, J.; Lantada, N.. Comparative analysis of a
    new assessment of the seismic risk of residential buildings of two districts of Barcelona. Natural hazards. Volumen: 110. Págs: 1649 ~ 1691. DOI:
  • Casquero, N.; Núñez-Andrés, M.A.; Iniesto, M.. Effects of small-group learning on the assessment of professional
    skills through a PBL activity. Transactions in GIS. Año: 2022. URL del texto: DOI:



  • Hurlimann, M.; Guo, Z.; Puig-Polo, C.; De Medina, V.. Impacts of future climate and land cover changes on
    landslide susceptibility: regional scale modelling in the Val d’Aran region (Pyrenees, Spain). Landslides. DOI:
  • Falques, A.; Ribas, F.; Mujal-Colilles, A.; Puig-Polo, C.. A new morphodynamic instability associated with crossshore
    transport in the nearshore. Geophysical research letters. Vol: 48. N: 13. Pàgs: 1 ~ 9. DOI:
  • Núñez-Andrés, M.A.; Martinez-Molina, A.; Casquero-Modrego, N.; Suk, J.. The impact of peer learning on student
    performance in an architectural sustainability course. International journal of sustainability in higher education. Vol: 23. N: 1. Págs: 159 ~ 176. DOI:
  • Chacon, R.; Puig-Polo, C.; Real, E. TLS measurements of initial imperfections of steel frames for structural analysis within BIM-enabled platforms. Automation in construction. Vol: 125. Págs: 103618:1 ~103618:13.
  • Krishnakumar, V.; Qiu, Z.; Monserrat Hernández, Oriol; Barra, A.; López-Vinielles, J.; Reyes-Carmona, C.; Gao,Q.; Cuevas-González, M.; Palamá, R.; Crippa, B.; Gili, J.. Sentinel-1 A-DInSAR Approaches to Map and MonitorGround Displacements. Remote sensing. Año: 2021. Vol: 13. Num: 6. DOI:
  • Oorthuis, R.; Vaunat, J.; Hurlimann, M.; Lloret, A.; Moya, J.; Puig-Polo, C.; Fraccica, A. Slope orientation and vegetation effects on soil thermo-hydraulic behavior: an experimental study. Sustainability. Año: 2021. Vol:13. Num: 1. Págs: 14:1 ~ 14:13. DOI:
  • Gili, J.; Corominas, J.; Moya, J.; Crosetto, M.; Montserrat, O. Past, present and future monitoring at the Vallcebre landslide (Eastern Pyrenees, Spain). Applied sciences. Vol: 11. Num: 2. Págs: 571:1 ~ 571:22.



  • Buill, F.; Núñez-Andrés, M.A.; Costa-Jover, A.; Moreno, D.; puche, J.; Macias, J.. Terrestrial laser scanner for the formal assessment of a roman-medieval structure—The Cloister of the Cathedral of Tarragona (Spain). Geosciences (Switzerland). Vol: 10. Num: 11. Pàgs: 427:1 - 427:16. DOI:
  • Ruiz, R.; Corominas, J.; Gili, J.; Matas, G.; Lantada, M.; Moya, J.; Prades, A.; Núñez-Andrés, M.A.; Buill, F.; Puig-Polo, C.. Analysis of fragmentation of rock blocks from real-scale tests. Geosciences (Switzerland). Vol: 10. Num: 8. Pags: 308:1 - 308:19. DOI:
  • Matas, G.; Lantada, N.; Corominas, J.; Gili, J.; Ruiz, R.; Prades, A.. Simulation of full-scale rockfall tests with afragmentation model. Geosciences (Switzerland). Vol: 10. Num: 5. Págs: 168:1 - 168:21. DOI:
  • Alshaiba, O.; Núñez-Andrés, M.A.; Lantada, M. Automatic manhole extraction from MMS data to update basemaps. Automation in construction. Vol: 113. Num: 2020. Pags: 103110-1-103110-14. DOI:
  • Lantada, M.; Carreño, M.L.; Jaramillo, N. Disaster risk reduction: a decision-making support tool based on the morphological analysis. International journal of disaster risk reduction. Vol: 42. Pags: 101342:1-101342:17. URL:
  • Vargas, Y.; Lantada, N.; Gonzalez-Drigo, J.R.; Pujades, L.G. Seismic risk assessment using stochastic nonlinear models. Sustainability. Vol: 12. Num: 4. Pags: 1308:1-1308:21. URL: DOI:
  • Rodriguez-Llovera, X.; Puig, C.; Lantada, N.; Gili, J.A.; Marturià, J. Two decades of GPS/GNSS and DInSAR monitoring of Cardona salt mines (NE of Spain) – natural and mining-induced mechanisms and processes. "Proceedings of the International Association of Hydrological Sciences", Abril 2020, vol. 382, p. 167-172.DOI: https://10.5194/piahs-382-167-2020



  • Meléndez, A.; Pujades, L.G.; Barbat, A. H.; Ordaz, M.; Puente, J. de la; Lantada, M.; Rodriguez, H. A probabilistic approach for seismic risk assessment based on vulnerability functions: application to Barcelona. Bulletin of earthquake engineering. Vol: 17. Num: 4. Pags: 1863-1890. DOI:
  • Corominas, J.; Matas, G.; Ruiz, R. Quantitative analysis of risk from fragmental rockfalls. Landslides. Vol: 16. Num: 1. Pags: 5-21. DOI:



  • Carreño, M.L.; Lantada, M.; Jaramillo, N. Sistema de inferencia difuso para la evaluación multiamenaza del riesgo físico en zonas urbanas. Revista internacional de métodos numéricos para cálculo y diseño en ingeniería. Vol: 34. Num: 1. Pags: 1-13. DOI:
  • Lantada, M.; Pujades, L.G.; Barbat, A. H. Earthquake risk scenarios in urban areas: a review with applications to the Ciutat Vella district in Barcelona, Spain. International journal of architectural heritage. Vol: 12. Num: 7-8. Pags: 1112-1130URL:
  • Núñez-Andrés, M.A.; Buill, F.; Hurlimann, M.; Abanco, C. Multi-temporal analysis of morphologic changes applying geomatic techniques: 70 years of torrential activity in the Rebaixader catchment (Central pyrenees). Geomatics, natural hazards and risk. Vol: 10. Num: 1. Pags: 314-335. DOI:
  • Núñez-Andrés, M.A.; Romero , R. Projectes de tecnologia de tercer de l’ESO com a eix interdisciplinari en l’àmbit cientificotecnològic. Revista catalana de pedagogia. Num: 13. Pags: 89-106.  DOI:
  • Núñez-Andrés, M.A.; Buill, F.; Delgado, S.; Plancho-Milian, C. The use of geomatic techniques to improve the management of metro infrastructure. Survey review. Vol: 50. Num: 362. Pags: 425-436. DOI:
  • Oorthuis, R.; Hurlimann, M.; Fraccica, A.; Lloret, A.; Moya, J.; Puig-Polo, C.; Vaunat, J. Monitoring of a full-scale embankment experiment regarding soil–vegetation–atmosphere interactions. Water. Vol: 10. Num: 6. Pags: 1-23. DOI:
  • Saló, L.; Corominas, J.; Lantada, M.; Matas, G.; Prades, A.; Ruiz, R. Seismic energy analysis as generated by impact and fragmentation of single-block experimental rockfalls. Journal of geophysical research-Earth surface. Vol: 123. Num: 6. Pags: 1450-1478. URL:
  • Zhao, F.; Mallorqui, J.J.; Iglesias, R.; Gili, J.; Corominas, J. Landslide monitoring using multi-temporal SAR interferometry with advanced persistent scatterers identification methods and super high-spatial resolution terraSAR-X Images. Remote sensing. Vol: 10. Num: 6. Pags: 921-1-921-23. DOI:



  • Castillo Rosas, J. D.; Díez , J.J.; Jiménez, A.F.; Núñez-Andrés, M.A.; Monguet, J.M. Collection and integration of local knowledge and experience through a collective spatial analysis. International Journal of Geo-Information. Vol: 6. Num: 2. Pags: 33-1-33-14. DOI:
  • Corso, J.M.; Roca, J.; Buill, F. Geometric analysis on stone façades with terrestrial laser scanner technology. Geosciences (Switzerland). Vol: 7. Num: 4. Pags: 1-12. DOI:
  • Janeras, M.; Jara, J.; Royan, M.; Vilaplana, J.M.; Aguasca, A.; Fabregas, F.; Gili, J.; Buxó, P. Multi-technique approach to rockfall monitoring in the Montserrat massif (Catalonia, NE Spain). Engineering geology. Vol: 219. Pags: 4-20. URL:
  • Martínez, J.C.; Coll, E.; Núñez-Andrés, M.A.; C. Femenia-Ribera. Rule-based topology system for spatial databases to validate complex geographic datasets. Computers and geosciences. Vol: 103. Pags: 122-132. DOI:
  • Matas, G.; Lantada, M.; Corominas, J.; Gili, J.; Ruiz, R.; Prades, A. RockGIS: a GIS-based model for the analysis of fragmentation in rockfalls. Landslides. Vol: 14. Num: 5. Pags: 1565-1578. DOI:
  • Mujal-Colilles, A.; Gironella, X.; Sanchez-arcilla, A.; Puig-Polo, C.; Garcia, M. Erosion caused by propeller jets in a low energy harbour basin. Journal of hydraulic research. Vol: 57. Num: 1. Pags: 1-8. DOI:
  • Núñez-Andrés, M.A.; Buill, F.; Costa-Jover, A.; Puche, J. Structural assessment of the Roman wall and vaults of the cloister of Tarragona Cathedral. Journal of building engineering. Vol: 13. Pags: 77-86. DOI:
  • Palau, RM.; Hurlimann, M.; Pinyol, J.; Moya, J.; Victoriano, A.; Genova, M.; Puig-Polo, C. Recent debris flows in the Portainé catchment (Eastern Pyrenees, Spain): analysis of monitoring and field data focussing on the 2015 event. Landslides. Vol: 14. Num: 3. Pags: 1161-1170. DOI:



  • Baeza, C.; Lantada, M.; Amorim, S. Statistical and spatial analysis of landslide susceptibility maps with different classification systems. Environmental earth sciences. Vol: 75. Num: 19. Pags: 1-17. DOI:
  • Buill, F.; Núñez-Andrés, M.A.; Lantada, M.; Prades, A. Fotogrametría y videogrametría desde UAV para la captura de geoinformación en estudios geológicos. Topografía y cartografía. Vol: XXXV. Num: 174. Pags: 47-53. URL:
  • Gaspar, K.; Núñez-Andrés, M.A.; Rodriguez, J.; Jordana, F. Influence of admission marks on the academic performance of technical architecture students. International journal of engineering education. Vol: 32. Num: 1 (A). Pags: 209-218. URL:
  • Jaramillo, N.; Carreño, M.L.; Lantada, M. Evaluation of social context integrated into the study of seismic risk for urban areas. International journal of disaster risk reduction. Vol: 17. Pags: 185-198. DOI:
  • Santos Assunçao, S.; Perez-Gracia, V.; Salinas, V.; Caselles, J.; Gonzalez-Drigo, J.R.; Pujades, L.G.; Lantada, M. GPR Backscattering intensity analysis applied to detect paleochannels and infilled streams for seismic nanozonation in Urban Environments. IEEE journal of selected topics in applied earth observations and remote sensing. Vol: 9. Num: 1. Pags: 167-177. URL:
  • Tapias, M.; Alonso, E.; Gili, J. Compressibility, grain breakage and time-dependent behavior of gap-graded aggregates of sugar cubes. Soils and foundations. Vol: 56. Num: 5. Pags: 805-817. DOI:



  • Buill, F.; Núñez-Andrés, M.A.; Puche, J.; Macias, J. Geometric analysis of the original stands of roman amphitheater in Tarragona: method and results. Journal of cultural heritage. Vol: 16. Num: 5. Pags: 640-647. URL: DOI:
  • Frappart, F.; Roussel, N.; Biancale, R.; Martinez, J.J.; Mercier, F.; Pérosanz, F.; Gárate , J.; Martin-Davila, J.; Pérez , B.; Gracia, C.; Lopez, R.; Tapia, A.; Gili, J.; Hernandez, M.; Salazar, M.; Bonnefond, P.; Valles, I. The 2013 Ibiza calibration campaign of Jason-2 and Saral altimeters. Marine geodesy. Vol: 38. Num: S1. Pags: 219-222. URL: DOI:
  • Iglesias, R.; Mallorqui, J.J.; Monells, D.; Lopez, C.; Fabregas, F.; Aguasca, A.; Gili, J.; Corominas, J. PSI deformation map retrieval by means of temporal sublook coherence on reduced sets of SAR images. Remote sensing. Vol: 7. Num: 1. Pags: 530-563. URL: DOI:
  • Tapias, M.; Alonso, E.; Gili, J. A particle model for rockfill behaviour. Géotechnique. Vol: 65. Num: 12. Pags: 975-994. DOI: